Hunger, Hope & Healing

A life-changing shift to finally be free from food anxiety and shame


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Class begins September 12th!

"If you are struggling with disordered eating patterns or just plain struggling with life, this program is for you. Sarahjoy's vast knowledge of the things that women face in their lives will help you understand how you got here and most of all how you can rise up and get back to living your best life, as the best version of you."


If you are a woman who has struggled with food and your body, and you want to have more power over food than it has over you, this course is for you.

If you are a woman who has struggled with caring for everyone else's needs ahead of your own, this course is for you.

If you are a woman who has struggled with food and your body, and you want to be free from life-deadening diets and rigid thinking, this course is for you.

If you are a woman who has struggled with food and your body, and you want to reclaim your vibrancy and health, this course is for you.

If you are a woman who has struggled with food and your body, and you want to live honestly, free from shame and self-hatred, with the vitality you know is in you, this course is for you.


8 Lesson Modules that are sequenced to help you start the on-ramp to recovery from food-addiction and body issues. Each module contains:

  • 1-hour presentation on specific methodology of Hunger, Hope & Healing 
  • Short lesson on Ayurveda 
  • Specific task for check-in with your body dashboard 
  • A lesson in the specific brain science that supports this lesson 
  • Yoga and pranayama practices 
  • Brief yoga and asana 
  • Longer 45-60 minute yoga practice based on that module 
  • Guided journal practice 

Weekly support call 

Closed FB group for support from each other.


A life-changing program

"The HOPE part of hunger, hope, and healing is very true. Before I didn't see a way out. I am not there yet, but I can see being free of my food addiction as a future reality. This is a life-changing program."

A sense of community

"The sense of community has been lovely and so integral to my ongoing recovery"

I don't have to "fix" everything

"The most freeing for me was that I could start to let go of the feeling that it was all my fault or that I had to "fix" everything."

Self-care became normalized for me!

"I just never thought it would matter – taking care of myself. I knew how to take care of others. But, no, not myself. The longer this went on, the more my awareness of myself as someone who needed care shriveled.

"I was fine. Except that I wasn’t. I was deeply damaging myself in private. And seeming fine in public. My anxiety and self-hatred became volcanic. And then I met Sarahjoy.

"Wow, to understand the roots of self-hatred and food compulsion! And, not just to understand it, but to learn how to become free!

"My first steps in self-care felt very awkward. But Sarahjoy’s guidance, step-by step, along the way, I learned how to do it! Self-care became normalized for me! ​​​​​I now nourish my body, my brain, my mind and heart with a love and respect I would never have imagined." ​​​​​​​

Helped me believe in myself

"I appreciated the concept of there being nothing wrong with me because I believed that there was everything wrong with me. I grew up feeling like I wasn't enough or that I would never be enough.

"The support I received from Sarahjoy and the other participants helped me believe in myself and that helped propel me forward to the next modules."

About Sarahjoy Marsh


Hunger, Hope & Healing was founded by Sarahjoy Marsh to help women recover from food and body image issues and find freedom from self-hatred, blame and shame.  

Sarahjoy Marsh, MA, E-RYT-500 yoga teacher, therapist and author, is a vibrant, compassionate catalyst for transformation to those that suffer from addictions – in particular disordered eating patterns/emotional eating.  

The combination of her knowledge of powerful yoga and mindfulness tools, her ability to identify when a conditioned mind crowds out clear thinking and to inspire the courage to bring insight into action, her perspective on the terrain of the stages of recovery and the tools to use along the way to recovery make her methodology (outlined in her book Hunger, Hope & Healing: A Yoga Approach to Reclaiming Your Relationship with Your Body and Food) a comprehensive and effective healing modality.  

Her 25+ year training and facilitation background includes transpersonal counseling, art therapy, and community mental health, the psychology of yoga, Ayurveda, and rehabilitative yoga.